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Teacher Training

Sol Group of Career Colleges is the teacher training division of Sol Schools International. Since our first course in 2004, we have been a leader in training English language teachers. Our continuous efforts to keep our programs relevant and innovative is what gives our graduating teachers the renowned reputation of being acknowledged as the most able, creative and authoritative in the ESL teaching industry.

Sol Schools Teacher Training Centers also have a special commitment to working with teachers whose first language is not English, creating career opportunities for teachers from different backgrounds and working to improve the quality of language teaching provision in the state system.

Since Sol Schools in Toronto is predominantly an ESL school, teacher-training students are constantly immersed with ESL learners throughout the day to give a real sense of what it is like in a school that teaches English as a second language.

Our qualified and experienced staff knows just how broad the ESL and EFL industry is, so they are able to provide you with one-to-one employment assistance after graduation. This employment assistance includes, but is not limited to resume and cover letter assistance, job contacts, contract review, visa advice and assistance and anything else you need to begin working as an English teacher at home or overseas.


What’s the difference?

TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language)

This term refers to teaching English in countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, etc., where English is the common everyday language in the community. The TESL Diploma is recognized internationally as well as locally so this English teaching certification is very popular in Canada and the USA.

CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults)

Cambridge CELTA  is the most widely recognized international teacher qualification. CELTA is a standardized teacher preparation program, so no matter where you take the course, it is more or less the same. If you have a CELTA certificate, prospective employers know exactly what to expect in terms of your training. CELTA requires a minimum of six hours teaching practice time, a minimum of six hours of observation, four assignments, a pre-interview task, an interview in the application process, and a pre-course task once you are accepted.